Gordian's Knot

Home Construction Managers For The Time Challenged


  Gordian's Knot is a construction management firm specializing in custom homes for the time challenged. Our goal is to do the work of a normal contractor but save you money and have fun in the process. We use a unique scheduling model to complete our jobs on schedule. This model aids the project's budget, helping each project to come in at the price set forth. Many of our customers use these savings to reinvest into their home. This allows a better home in the end and something we can all be proud to show off.

We take care of the entire project for you. We are your liaison, if you will. This means helping secure land, project planning and design, even help picking out the kitchen sink. Our clients can go into every part of their project with peace of mind. They know that we are there to give them the help they need, the answers they want, and the finished product they have always dreamed of.


If you have any questions about how Gordian's Knot can help you with your residential or commercial project, please feel free to contact us. We love explaining our process and look forward to meeting you.


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